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Appeal for anybody who may have seen a 'kafuffle' between two young men
and two female police officers located at 'Tostevins Vegetables, Guernsey' on Easter Monday 2002.
If you or anyone you know saw this incident please email us using the email link on the menu.

Your help may be the turning point in a wrongful conviction, Click here for more.



Really have lost interest in writing my news page as I really have no time.. as you can see by the post dates, the only reason I am doing this is my missus and mother are nattering away like two old ladies and I am bored senseless!... My little baby is now 18 monthes old and the best little girl in the world, that is pretty much it, not to much time for cars, bikes and web updates but I'll do my best.. that's if anyone ever reads this!! hoorah, must be someone out there eih !

Hello, Nothing to report, been busy trying to sort cars and all sorts of toys !

Now I haven't updated this for some time now.. Got a baby due next week :) so I've been busy, If there is anyone out there in Europe interested in the GP Sports range of products then be sure to let me know, this is market research to gain the interest out there for these products.. LET ME KNOW -- Mail me

Check The Accident Section (Smash's) - and send in your crash pics :)

Just a quickie to say my new motor is in, yippie.. Just running it in though, grr.. only 920 miles to go.. hmm that'll be 37 laps of my little island, lol :)

Seeing as no one can be bothered to send in there pics with specs I decided to not bother writing my trash.. Like you care !!..
My new motor for my RX7 is due back early next week and should boast a proud 350 - 400 bhp, NICE 'apparently' :).. This will be thanx to WGT Auto Developments 01606 48866, again. Now i've had an extra fuel injector and controller plumbed in so i don't end up running to lean and blowing an apex seal !! It's not fun, speculation says it's been ported, re-built, 3mm apex seals, and some other bit's n bobs added...
To be honest mr insurance man I've only aded an air filter ;-)
Now go tune your cars or bikes you tarts and send me your pics NOW...
Email Pix & Specs

Still got nothing, "Is there anybody out there".. Wanted: Anything car related, Part's sponsors, ppl who wanna advertise !!, car pics, bike pics.. anything !!

As if anyone ever reads my crap, well anyway... needed lots of pictures of cars or bikes or whatever.. ahh what the hell send in pics of your cat for what it's worth, seeing as i don't get nout from u lot out there.. Well winge over, I shall catcha L8r, maybe.

On another note I need a Radar Detector, some alloys, blow off valve and loads of spoilers for my RX7 (sponsors very welcome) ohh and an extra fuel injector so I can run over 1bar !! Erm not much else to say, so I'll leave it there.. Send me Pix, emails, all that stuff...

Ha Ha, Total Engine Swap took 6 hours, it was dead easy.. :) I got told the local Mazda garage take 2 weeks, lol all works and runs better than the old one, although it idles a little low.. still they are just teething problems. Thanks to WGT Auto Developments (01606 48866) for the engine (Complete), it fitted like a dream, Cheerz Ladz. Now to key it all up and finish off the body work for painting next Sunday :)..

Right here's the low down on my RX7, Needs a new engine :( simple enough i suppose. I have had lots of emails and requests, lots of cars to put up on my site, ohhh no that's right i fell asleap and dreampt it :(.
Well some day some one will bother, I hope. I'm off traveling in a bit so if any of u lot from Aussi or the USA wanna come show me your Performance cars :) i'm sure i can arrange that. Bye

He He... No news is good news eih :).. well 4 me @ least, been tanning my milky skin in Spain.. I needed a reminder of what the sun looks like..  so yea i aint done much for a little while <G>..sorry Ross i'll do your RX7 pix very soon.. like tommorrow i hope (wed) time permitting M8. Got my gear box off just got to get off the flywheel, need a LARGE spanner 4 that, Grr.. Pls keep posting comments and stuff, and send me some sodding pix pls.. I cant do all this unless u want me to.. like supplying pix of your cars with a spec etc etc etc: Email Pix & Specs.......Right off 2 sleep, i'm an hour behind and tired of flying.. l8r's ;)

Right.. My RX7 Has a problem, oil related i think... build up of pressure so i am trying to find a way to flush the system, replace seals and it is damn frustrating. Grr

Gonna add some more pic's to the cars section 'Nice RX7' and others.
I haven't done much because off my course last week but I should get time this week to sort out some new interesting stuff.. :)
Oh for any of you who live in the UK and own 2nd gen RX7's. . if you want them tuned etc.. call WGT Autos: 01606 48866.
Click here for their site

Sorry not much news this week, on a TCP/IP course all week :) I'll try to do something though.. Got Octetes on the brain :0

I've been speaking to Wug who hosts Performance Cars, we've kinda joined up. Check out the site, it is well designed.. Nice one Wug & Bracks :)
Now all we need is mega feedback about what you want to see, why and someone to pay us to do this stuff :) lol if only..

Well my RX7 drinks fuel like I own  a refinery, unfortunately not the case. My XR2i wants an RST engine, or better.
I have sold several organs to fund my cars, saving the biggest till last, Aiii..   right now it's my nose :--)

My site seems to be ever growing.. really.. I seem to be receiving loadsa hits but no response :(
Any response is of value to me.. please tell me what you want to see here, sign my guestbook...Give me your car pix and specs...
Give me something to sell, I need the cash :)

I wanna keep this site going, I wanna make somthing of it... You lot make that happen.
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